Nolan crash helmets are Italian through and through, in both design and production; since the 1970s the company has produced over 30 million helmets in the historic Brembate di Sopra factory in the province of Bergamo. Also working away tirelessly are the Mattei compressors; because when quality is called for, Mattei responds.

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Mattei compressors from the Classic range are working tirelessly on the Pirelli tyres at the most important motorcycling events on the European circuit. It’s an operation that takes place on the innovative “mobile workshop trailers”, developed by Pirelli, in collaboration with its strategic partner Promoidea. 

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The innovative Mattei Master Controller Concerto controls all compressors smartly, with a 35% energy saving.

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Elite Spice

Mattei successful ingredient for the US company Elite Spice

Mattei high-efficiency Rotary Vane air compressors have been installed for over 25 years at the production facilities of this American spice and seasoning manufacturer.

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A rustproof relationship ... like stainless steel

Since the 90s the Mattei compressors have accompanied Siderinox in the production of stainless steel tubes, supplying the compressed air required for all automation operations.

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Besseling Group

From production of coldstores to development of Besseling technology

Besseling Group is a Dutch company and a world leader in the production of machinery for optimisation of produce preservation by using controlled atmosphere.

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RGI bioSteryl Tech

Engineering at the service of Cultural Heritage Properties

RGI bioSteryl Tech Srl is an engineering company specialised in innovative technologies for safeguarding and preserving Cultural Heritage properties. With offices in Genoa, the company operates on the world market thanks to the disinfesting and disinfecting systems it offers that are unique for their characteristics and performances.

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Lerma Gomme

A dynamic and eco-friendly enterprise

Lerma Gomme was established in 1986 and specialises in tyre recycling: a sector which is generating growing interest given the increase in attention paid to the environment and, in particular, to sustainable waste management.

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Rondine SPA

Maximum reliability and excellent performances in the ceramic industry

Rondine SpA, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding this year, constitutes the main nucleus of an industrial group that now also includes the tile manufacturers Hilton, Fontana, Sassolgrande and Bismantova. Since 1998 the company has been present on the domestic and international markets with two brand names: RHS and Fontana/Bismantova. In 2005 Rondine became the majority shareholder in Spray Dry, a company that operates in the sector of raw materials for the ceramic industry. And finally, 2010 brought the acquisition of Sadon, a leading company in the production of skirting boards and porcelain stoneware tiles in small formats.

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