Mattei’s MaestroXS and MaestroXB are advanced, on-board microprocessors that can address these issues and dramatically improve the efficiency of your operation. These systems specifically work to adjust compressor operations in accordance with specific system requirements in order to improve efficiency.

Our ERC 4 to 22 kW compressors are equipped with the exclusive, state-of-the-art computerized controller system, MaestroXB, while our ERC 30 to 55 kW systems are equipped with the MaestroXS.

MaestroXS & MaestroXB benefits

  • State-of-the-art computerized controllers
  • Automatically control, monitor, and program compression operation for optimal efficiency
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Can easily be connected to a PC for convenient remote operation
  • Can control a multi-compressor compressed air plant

In addition, both the MaestroXS and the MaestroXB are fully equipped with data collection and analysis capabilities with regards to operating efficiency, faults and errors. Furthermore, each machine is able to store all relevant compressor settings and operating data.

Essentially, the bottom line is this: In order to maximize the efficiency of your air system, you need a control system that will adapt to your system demands. Microprocessor control and protection systems, such as the MaestroXS and the MaestroXB, are an excellent way to ensure that your system is both flexible and adaptable, helping you improve energy efficiency and cut energy costs.

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