Many of Mattei’s air compressors come equipped with a heat recovery system that captures up to 80% of the heat energy for use in warm water production or other industrial purposes. We added this feature because it increases the energy efficiency of our air compressor units and the facility in which they are installed.

It is also possible to recover heat energy from existing air compressors; we designed the Energy Recovery Box (ERB) for exactly this purpose.

MATTEI'S Energy Recovery Box

Energy-Recovery-Box.jpgFor air compressors that do not already feature integrated heat recovery, Mattei’s Energy Recovery Box is the perfect solution. It is a stand-alone system that can be easily installed in just a few minutes on operative compressors built by any manufacturer.

Return on investment for the purchase price of this product is almost immediate: our customers often save more than 10,000 Euros per year after installing a Mattei ERB.

Four models are available: ERB 30, ERB 60, ERB 100, and ERB 150.

Our line of Energy Recovery Boxes are designed to accommodate a thermal power range of 9.1 to 123.9 kW, and a motor-rated power range of 11 kW to 132 kW.

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