Mattei offers another way to reduce energy consumption and the associated operating costs—in addition to the energy savings achieved by installing our rotary vane compressor units. Mattei Intelligent Energy Management (M.I.E.M.) is a software modeling tool that analyses energy consumption input data from Mattei’s Compressor Energy Analysis Equipment to generate an air user profile and other detailed intelligence on plant energy consumption.

With the insights provided by M.I.E.M., companies can easily find alternative and more efficient air compression solutions. For instance, one way to increase the efficiency of compressor units is to avoid frequent stops and starts caused by uneven and inconsistent facility air demand. With M.I.E.M., facility operators can find ways to flatten the daily air demand profile, thereby minimizing compressor stops and starts.

Concerto: A State-of-the-Art Compressed Air Management System

Concerto-Mattei.pngMattei has also designed Concerto, a compressed air management system designed to work with any application and any type of compressor. One Concerto control device can be used to control up to 10 compressors, which gives facility operators the power to limit idle running times and optimize compressor use. With the Concerto system, users can reduce energy consumption by more than 35%.

Concerto directs various compressors with different performance characteristics in order to achieve the perfect level of air supply. The system also supports the management of dryers, filters, and condensate treatment accessories, which can all be connected to the system via digital inputs.

In summary, Concerto can:

  • Achieve energy savings of 35%
  • Reduce idle operation energy costs by 99%
  • Slash maintenance costs by 30%
  • Extend compressor life by 50%
  • Monitor unit operation continuously

All for an investment equivalent to about 5% of the cost of a compressor.

Monitoring and Controlling Operating Costs

The energy costs associated with using an air compressor over its entire lifecycle are far higher than its purchase and maintenance costs. By managing compressor energy consumption with Concerto and M.I.E.M., companies can achieve significant, and immediate, cost savings. Moreover, the reduced stop-start cycles and idle times will extend the overall life of compressors, which will reduce costs down the line.  

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