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Two major trade fairs will play host to the latest Mattei solutions in the vehicular sector, where it has already proven to be a market-leader

Vimodrone, May 2017 – From Canada to Italy, Mattei is preparing for the vehicular transit trade fairs with many innovative demonstrations and new product launches.

The range of Mattei compressors is very wide when it comes to public transit; a sector where the rotary vane technology is ideally suited, even in extreme operating conditions such as those experienced in rail applications.

RVMThe rotary vane compressors’ performance is not impacted by vibration, temperature change from the external environment, or bearing decay; because it is self-balancing, rotating between two hydrodynamic bushes and using 1:1 motor-compressor direct coupling by means of an elastic joint. Mattei industrial compressors will typically have an operational lifespan in excess of 280,000 hours, and in the rail-sector up to 35,000 hours with the original blades and bushes installed at the factory. An undisputable improvement when comparing to screw compressors; whose performance varies from 20,000 to 30,000 hours, but is reduced to just 12,000 hours when the machine is subjected to vibration, heat and residue; commonplace in rail applications. On the contrary, with proper routine maintenance, the performance-level of a rotary vane compressor remains unchanged throughout its lifespan.

Alongside the range of rotary vane compressors, designed specifically for the needs of this sector, Mattei has recently introduced the APM300 (Automotive People Mover) unit used on passenger ships; and the EV (Electric Vehicle) unit, for use on battery-powered vehicles and in particular, electric buses. “The advantages of rotary vane technology are fundamental to the vehicular transit sector and also for the new frontier of electric vehicles; our machines are silent due to the total absence of vibrations, very compact, and easy to install. They are also equipped with a unique, patented anti-condensation system that prevents oil emulsification”, explains Giulio Contaldi, Mattei CEO.

Blade 22i PlusFrom 24-28 May at Autopromotec, the biennial exhibition of automotive aftermarket equipment in Bologna, Mattei will give focus to its small and medium-size machines.These are reliable, silent, high-performance compressors; all offering great value for money. Pride of place will be given to the Blade 22 i Plus compressor, with variable speeds thanks to its inverter and integrated dryer. The direct coupling between the electric motor and the compression unit with elastic joints results in significant energy savings, eliminating any inevitable losses that occur with the presence of gears or belts. This model guarantees optimum operation even at low speeds, resulting in energy savings and quieter operations, further improved with sound-absorbing brushes”, states Giulio Contaldi.

XT 65_2017Previously, from 15-17 May, Mattei, as a member of UITP the organizing association, exhibited at the Global Public Transport Summit in Montreal. The convention was attended by many companies at the top of the public transport and urban mobility market. The real news of the Canadian convention was the new Mattei XT65 compressor, designed and developed as part of the European Union Convenient Project. Mattei was a partner of this initiative, which aimed at delivering a 30% reduction in fuel consumption in long-distance freight vehicles. “With the new XT65 we delivered a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to a traditional piston compressor, with significant fuel savings. Designed to increase energy efficiency, reliability, and the intervals between servicing, the XT65 compressor meets the price needs of the automotive sector and is protected by four international patents”, concludes Giulio Contaldi.

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