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At Autopromotec the latest high-energy-efficient technological solutions will be showcased by the historic manufacturer of rotary vane compressors

Vimodrone, May 2019 – Mattei will be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming edition of Autompromotec, the international exhibition dedicated to the Automotive aftermarket, taking place in Bologna from 22-26 May.

Among the many industrial compressors, Mattei offers a range specifically for the needs of the automotive aftermarket sector, especially those of workshops and body shops. If the compactness of its compressors and the silence of the exclusive rotary vane technology were not already enough strengths, this year Mattei focuses on technological solutions conceived with Industry 4.0 in mind, a trend that is taking hold in an ever-increasing number of workshops, which are equipped with advanced tools focused on energy savings.

On display will be the Blade 8-12 and 15-22 ranges, with their small and medium-sized compressors with power ratings up to 22 kW. The machines are equipped with an IE3 electric motor as standard, with the option to upgrade to IE4. The motor has a 1:1 direct coupling with the compressor thanks to a flexible joint which delivers considerable energy savings, by eliminating any losses associated with the presence of gears. The compressors of the Blade 8-12 series come in different versions: standard with integrated dryer (E), with an air receiver of 270 litres (S), or the version with the receiver and integrated dryer (SE).

Keeping in line with the company vision of offering products at the highest levels of efficiency, the Mattei team have introduced an electric cooling fan on the new range of Blade 8-12 and 15-22 machines, that comes with an integrated inverter to control the fan speed, and automatically regulate the flow of cooling air, maintaining an ideal operating temperature and delivering energy savings. Together the range is available as fixed-speed with a soft-starter and with a variable speed inverter. The presence of the soft-starter or the inverter allows for a gentle and progressive start-up, reducing the power consumption in this phase as well as demands on the engine, all to the benefit of increasing longevity.BLADE 18 L XC SS_des

Insieme_Controllori_XCThe latest generation Maestro XC controller also has a brand-new touchscreen, that will be showcased as part of the Blade 15-22 range. Thanks to the dedicated software and a 7”/10” colour touch-screen with increased sensitivity capabilities, Maestro XC is able to electronically control, parts such as the ventilator, the inverter and the thermostatic valve, even from a remote location. All parameters are monitored in real time and any anomalies are passed to the service centre or to any user accessing the Mattei XCloud portal, allowing them to intervene without delay. Maestro XC responds to the demands of Industry 4.0 and improves the overall efficiency of the machines, helping to reduce waste and the overheating of our planet. The Mattei compressors exhibited from the Blade 8-12 and 15-22 ranges equipped with an IE4 motor, fall within parameters set out by the German federal agency, BAFA, on product energy efficiency.

Alongside the compressors for use in workshops and body shops, Mattei also offers solutions for OEM applications, which can be easily integrated into vehicles as onboard operating equipment.
Owing to their intrinsic characteristics, PTO (Power Take Over) compressors lend themselves to being installed in various applications requiring air on construction sites. The MC65 model will also be on display, which can be installed as a “plug & play” on vehicles and be coupled with or without a radiator to different types of electric motorisation, be it power take-off, endothermic, hydraulic or electric.

Compared to piston compressors traditionally used in this sector, the MC series compressors are much more silent, compact and reliable, guaranteeing a constant supply of air, without pulsing or a loss of quality.

Make a note of all the Mattei news at Autopromotec inside Hall 36 – stand A29.

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