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Ing. Enea Mattei SpA was particularly satisfied with its recent participation at the Hannover Messe, the international trade fair dedicated to automation and new industrial technology.

For us, Hannover Messe was an occasion to officially present the new products we had been developing in the last months of work: from the innovative Blade series, to the releases of ERC and 4000 Series compressors, the great classics of our range – commented Silvia Contaldi, Sales & Marketing Director of the company. 

2013_HannoverIn reverse trend with respect to a market where, as the trade fair itself confirmed, new products were not presented, whereas our company has decided to gamble on the future, meeting the challenge of innovation head on, in a direction that will gradually involve the entire range. And the Hannover testing ground rewarded us with encouraging results, as demonstrated by the enormous interest our new products prompted. To overcome this market crisis, we are convinced that the best strategy is to focus on innovation, and the trend of our 2013 sales revenue, on the upswing as compared to the same period in 2012, confirms it.”

The new Blade series, conceived to offer Mattei quality at a competitive price to those working in small companies, has convinced the public for its high performance levels and remarkable reliability guaranteed by low speed operation. Easy to maintain, silent and compact, Blade compressors are available with power levels between 4 and 7.5 kW with capacities from 0.60 to 1.085 m3/min and working pressures from 8 to 13 bar.

The new releases of the ERC and 4000 Series compressors were presented at the fair - even more efficient and able to guaranteed further energy reduction thanks to the soft-start function – and the innovative plug & play energy recovery system: ERB. The Energy Recovery Box is a stand-alone system for recovering heat, and overall, energy, which can be installed on compressors that are already operational on customer premises and by any manufacturer.

Generally speaking, we registered good attendance for all five days at the fair, with a mixture of different countries as compared to the previous year: many Asians, in particular Chinese and Koreans, and less Russians. On a European level, there was an increase in French participants,” continued Silvia Contaldi. “Europeans in particular lament a slowdown in production due to the crisis. This is also valid for the French and Germans who, in past years, seemed less affected than the Mediterranean countries. Despite the difficulties, interest is still high for what is considered a landmark event for the industry.

“As per market trends,” concludes the Sales & Marketing Director of Ing. Enea Mattei spa,“great attention continues to be given to energy saving. On a product range level, instead of focusing on a veritable innovation as our company is doing, many players in the industry have preferred to invest in a heavier industrialisation of the machinery by catalogue, aimed at curbing costs.”

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