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At the Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, the Italian company presented solutions to meet compressed air demands “on board”

Vimodrone, June 2019 – The latest edition of the Public Transport Summit has just concluded in Stockholm, with Mattei as one of the stars. In fact, the Italian company is a member of the UITP organising association, which brings together the top players in the urban public transport market.

This global event for sustainable mobility has confirmed that the vehicular sector is the perfect context for the Mattei rotary vane compressors, especially when looking at rail applications and in hybrid or electric vehicles. The low rotation speeds and the reduced number of moving components make them free from vibration and extremely quiet; perfectly in line with the needs of the latest generation of ecological vehicles. Another important trait is their energy efficiency, which guarantees long periods of autonomous use.

The undisputed stars of the show were the solutions designed to meet the demands of compressed air “on-board”.

EN-XT-65The XT65 compressor is the solution offered by Mattei for applications on buses and electric and hybrid vehicles. The main qualities of the compressor perfectly meet the needs of these types of vehicle: the lack of vibration makes them the quietest available on the market, while the compact dimensions and low weight (between 20kg & 35kg) help support a very flexible installation, even in the tightest of spaces. Another key feature of this machine is the modular aspect of the configurations, which allows the development of highly customised solutions, and also facilitates maintenance operations. Staying with the subject of maintenance, it is also notable that the pumping unit does not need to be replaced, and the XT65 has the longest maintenance intervals of all compressors on the market. The innovative design of the XT65 is also protected by 4 international patents.

Also on display at UITP was the new RVR (Rotary Vane Rail) line, dedicated to rail applications, such as those for braking systems, the activation of doors and suspension systems.

EN_Mattei Stand a UITP-01Offered in different sizes and available with different types of coupling and motors (hydraulic, electric or diesel), these compressors are characterised with great reliability, low weight and being the complete package, which allows two types of installation. On one hand it is possible to completely configure the compressed air generation treatment unit (AGTU): these compressors come comprehensively supplied with pumping unit, motor and dryer, oil separator, inlet filters, optional inverter and control devices all mounted on the frame. The high efficiency filters are a fundamental factor in the railway sector, where the amount of dust is considerable given the location of the compressor being close to the ground. On the other hand, the RVR line compressors also lend themselves for retrofitting existing compressors, by integrating the motor and drying unit (AGU) as flexible modules, guaranteeing a pure air quality without pulsations in flow.

Finally, the attention of UITP visitors was also drawn towards the Bart unit, specifically designed for use on subway and metro lines.

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