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It’s transport, and in particular the rail transport sector where Mattei is aiming to further enhance its compressors: the latest will be on show at InnoTrans 2018

Vimodrone (Milan), September 2018 – It took place in Berlin the 2018 edition of InnoTrans, the exhibition dedicated to technologies for transport, where Mattei focused a lot on rail transport.
The railway is, in fact, one of the sectors in which the company is investing more to renew its range of machines, and focus on their unique features, primely being their compactness and the near-silent operations.

On show was the new RVR (Rotary Vane Rail) line, for compressed air demands on the railways, such as for trains, trams and metros. The RVR line, an evolution of the previous RVM, introduces improvements and technical measures aimed at increasing the performance of the machines.

RVR_EN-02The new compressors will be available in more sizes and formats with different types of coupling and motors (for example, hydraulic, electric or diesel) to better meet all the different demands for compressed air. The lowest common denominator is the completeness of the “package” for new installations. The Mattei compressors dedicated to the railway sector are in fact supplied inclusive of the pumping unit, engine and drying systems, oil separator, inlet filtration, optional inverters and control devices; all mounted on frames of a compact size and low in weight. The high efficiency filters are a fundamental element in the railway sector, where the quantity of dust is considerably higher due to the location of the compressor being close to the ground. Thanks to their compactness, the RVR compressors are also suitable for retrofitting existing compressors, integrating with the existing engine and drying unit.

The low rotation speeds and the reduced number of moving parts leave the Mattei compressors free from vibrations, and therefore extremely quiet; characteristics which are even more appreciated on the latest generation of hybrid and electric eco-vehicles, where silent running is a fundamental attribute. Another important feature is their energy efficiency, which guarantees a longer operating range.

At Innotrans, there was also space for the APM300 unit (Automotive People Mover), used on passenger shuttles in airport transfers, and for a unit specially designed for installation on the metros.

Mattei meets the needs of all parts of the railway sector, including offering on-board solutions as well as a series of OEM industrial compressors for handling movements of goods in depots.


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