The range covers 4kW up to 200kW available as a stand-alone gas end for local packaging or as customer specifi cation gas compressor packages.

All versions come complete with automatic flow control at a constant delivery pressure, integrated or remote cooler and threaded or flanged gas intake facility.

    Rated power 4 to 200 kW
    F.A.D. 0,4 to 35,3 m3/min
    Working pressures 7/10/13 bar
    Compression technology  Rotary Vane
    Output  0% to 100%
    Drive system  Direct coupled with elastic element
    Cooling  Air/water – Integrated or remote panel cooler
    Temperature protection  Thermistor
    Controller Fully customisable remote PLC control
    Maestro XS
    Pressure Control  Servo with modulation - Pressure sensor - External signal Reference
    Pressure protection  Safety valve
    Operating ambient range 5C to + 45C (23F to + 113F)
    Inlet pressure range 0 to 650mbar (0 to 8.7psi)
    Acceptable gases Sweet Gas
    Sour Gas
    Bio Gas
    Maximum allowable free moisture None
    Maximum allowable H2S  800ppm
    Lubricant  Mattei V-Life Gas
    Laws and conformity 2006/42/EC – Machinery directive
    92/27/CW PED - directive on pressure equipment
    94/9/CE – ATEX - Systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
    Optional Feature Active Zener Barrier
    • Full Atex packages
    • Bespoke designs to suit application
    • Fully integrated gas ends
    • Sour gas compatible
    • No yellow metals
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • 100% duty 24/7
    • No fall off in gas quality
    • Direct drive
    • External pressure adjustment

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