Mattei's MD Series (direct expansion) and EMD Series (thermal mass) refrigeration dryers are based on the principle of condensation by compressed air cooling, through a refrigeration circuit. The dryers are available in both the stand-alone version and integrated in the compressor.


Mattei’s MD Series dryers use an aluminum ultra-compact drying module for compressed air treatment. Aluminum guarantees high resistance to corrosion, excellent thermal conductibility and mechanical resistance, together with a high level of recyclability.

MD dryers are also available in high pressure version (MDH).

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Our EMD Series air flows range from 0.5 to 16.5 m3/min and working pressure from 7 to 16 bar.

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Both solutions are ideal for various kinds of applications, such as the mechanical, graphics, food, chemical, textile industry, for pneumatic cylinders and coating plants.

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