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“Fantastic performance with reduced energy consumption; ideal for an environmentally-friendly company always looking to be increasingly sustainable”. These were the principle drivers that led to Fosfantartiglio L.E.I. to replace their old compressor with a new variable speed Optima 132 from Ing. Enea Mattei Spa: a machine equipped with an inverter and designed to meet the demands for the most energy-efficient production, delivering savings of up to 35% more than most rotary compressors.

Fosfantartiglio L.E.I. is a market leader in the application of advanced anti-corrosive surface coatings, whose high levels of performance and delivery has made it one of the leading companies in this field, particularly within the automotive sector. The Milan-based company, has a production capacity of more than 500 tonnes per day, applying electrolytic and lamellar coatings to a wide variety of products: from nuts and bolts to small metal parts, screws, brake callipers and much more. "The new compressor is essential to power the industrial machines we operate with for galvanic painting and treatments," explains Antonio Laterza, Maintenance Manager at Fosfantartiglio since 2003. “Galvanic treatment is an electrochemical deposition process whereby a current is applied to aqueous solutions containing metal salts, bases, acids and specific additives, carried out in a series of sequentially-aligned tanks. This process involves the deposition of a thin layer of a metal or alloy on the chosen product, in our case mainly iron bolts, modifying the properties of the material to make it stronger and more resistant, even to corrosion, whilst also being more aesthetically pleasing".

T4_Pagina prodotto_Optima 132What brought Mattei and Fosfantartiglio together was the search for high performance with low energy consumption, to better protect the environment whilst containing costs: "Sustainability is one of our guiding values at Fosfantartiglio," confirms Laterza, "and with Mattei we know we are in safe hands. More so, the new Optima 132 compressor guarantees truly outstanding performance: we installed it a year ago and compared to the machine we had before, we have seen a saving in terms of electricity costs of around 800 euros per month. Before we bought the Optima we used to alternate between two compressors to cover our needs," continues Fosfantartiglio's Maintenance Manager, "but now we have decided to solely use the Optima from Mattei, keeping the second machine just as a backup, in order to take full advantage of all the energy benefits it offers. It's only been running for a year but we can already say we are extremely satisfied with the change, so much so that we feel we could recommend Mattei compressors to anyone. Not only due to the energy savings, but they are also able to adapt very well to the different phases of work; passing with ease from operating peaks to downtime and back again".

The common thread linking the two companies in Milan is Druck Italia Srl; Mattei's service partner since 2014 and a leader in the ultrahigh vacuum and compressed air sectors. We have known Mattei for at least 25 years," explains Elisabetta Cassani, sales director of Druck Italia, "and we share a similar history. Ours, like the company founded by engineer Enea Mattei, is also a family-run business that has been able to expand its boundaries internationally.
It was a relationship born out of chance, as in the best friendships: "We simply had a very important customer ask us to carry out routine maintenance on his Mattei compressors," he explains, "because their workings are similar to those of the vacuum and air pumps we regularly serviced. That's how we got to know about rotary vane technology: as simple in its mechanics as it is effective and efficient in the final output. Previously several companies had asked us to become their service company, but we never wanted to be tied too closely to a non-Italian brand and we also wanted to continue to promote our own brand. When the request came from Mattei though, with its compressors that are still working well after forty years of honourable service, we figured we’d finally found our ideal partner. That's why, even when we have to sell new machines, the first name on the list is always that of Mattei".

Reliability, sustainability, Made in Italy quality and a relationship that has now taken on the features of an extended family: "For us it is fundamental to know that we are offering compressors that are made to last. Our company has a 40-year history," continues Elisabetta Cassani, "and it is no coincidence that we were able to achieve this result. Not only do we offer every customer the best possible machines, but we have also set up a maintenance and emergency intervention service which, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, allows companies to avoid the risk of a production stoppage. We always have 30 compressors on hand of all types and sizes, so that we can intervene quickly with an emergency replacement if necessary. With us and Mattei, in short, there is no such thing as industrial downtime. And I believe that this alone is a fundamental added value for any business, in addition to all the characteristics that have made Mattei compressors a leader in the compressed air sector".

That's how the collaboration with Fosfantartiglio came about: "They had a problem with the compressors they had been using," says Druck Italia's sales manager, "so they called us for an inspection. We carried out a number of technical tests with them and found that they were consuming extra energy due to the machine being too large for their actual needs. We carried out an accurate analysis with the Mattei MIEM tool, with which we produced a detailed report on current and future compressed air energy consumption, to show them that with a new, more efficient compressor, they could have significantly reduced consumption."
A professional analysis that was far from obvious, yet resulted in electricity savings of around 800 euros every month and naturally a lower impact on the environment as well. From the amount of energy consumed to the type of oil used," continues Elisabetta Cassani, "protecting the environment is a fundamental value for us. That's why, wherever we are called upon, we always try to promote the upgrading of plants aimed at reducing pollution and consumption in the industries that turn to us, not just their costs. These are shared values that also unite Fosfantartiglio and Mattei: and that’s why this team works so well together".


November 2021



Mattei offers a wide range of vane compressor models that perfectly meet the specific needs of the transport industry.


The reliability of Mattei compressors, the high quality standards of the delivered compressed air and the compliance with the industry regulations, make them ideal to be used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


Reduced operating costs, environmental sustainability and extreme purity of the air supplied make Mattei compressors suitable for all processes in the food industry.



All you need is an oil quality sensor and SIM card within the control panel to have real-time access to the health of your rotary vane compressor from anywhere in the world.


Maxima 75 and Optima 60 compressors are used in China in the production of bottle tops for the Italian brand Pelliconi, where the exclusive Maxi P-26 is produced.


The company was recognised at the Le Fonti Innovation Awards for its commitment to combining both environmental sustainability and energy saving.


T4_Dicono di noi_TRIBECA

Mattei compressors have landed at the extremes of the southern hemisphere and contribute to the quality of one of South Africa’s best coffees, those of the TriBeCa Coffee brand.

T4_Dicono di noi_SPIRAX SARCO

All the pneumatic equipment at the French plant of the world leader in steam technology and thermal energy management are powered by Mattei compressors. Reliability and efficiency are the main reasons for the continued success of this partnership.


Compressed air is vital for industry as it drives many production facilities and pieces of equipment. Its use is responsible for more than 10% of industrial energy consumption, meaning the choice of compressor becomes essential when looking to maintain control of energy costs. The English company Luxfer Gas Cylinders is an excellent example of obtaining efficiency in this regard.