MyCare 6 & 10 extended warranty

For customers willing to benefit from an extended warranty on their air compression systems at no additional cost, Mattei offers MyCare 6 & 10.

Mattei rotary compressors, thanks to the innovative vane technology, are designed to operate more than 100,000 hours, with no component replacement and no significant overhaul required. Moreover, thanks to the periodic check of the systems, high operating performance and low energy consumption are maintained. Correct maintenance performed at regular intervals is the simplest way to ensure your compressor an optimum life cycle.

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To this end Mattei, sure of the quality and reliability of its products, offers the MyCare 6 & 10 warranty service, an excellent opportunity at no-cost through authorized Mattei distributors. MyCare 6 & 10 offers:

  • two-year “bumper to bumper” warranty covers parts, labor and travel (excludes normal service/maintenance materials)
  • major parts covered years Three-thru-Six (motor, cooler, controller, separator tank, inverter and, Rotor Stator Unit (RSU)
  • rotor-stator unit (RSU) covered years seven-thru-ten (offered ONLY to direct-drive models)
  • scheduled maintenance plan tailored to your application and environment to ensure proper periodic visits to ensure the necessary checks and to keep the machines in perfect working order
  • machines routinely serviced by Mattei specialized and certified technicians benefit with long lifecycles
  • replacement of damaged parts exclusively with Mattei original spare parts;
  • use of Mattei original lubricants to ensure constant performance and reliability over time and unlimited duration of the compression unit;
  • support from Mattei Help desk for any requirement or information.

Thanks to the innovative MyCare program, for six years or more Mattei’s factory trained distributors take care of the compressor maintenance: no worries, no downtime, original spare parts and professional technicians guaranteed, as well as costs always under control!




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