Products for air treatment

Mattei offers a set of products designed for air treatment and able to eliminate impurities, contamination, and condensation from compressed air to achieve ISO 8573.1 levels of air quality.

Clean, dry compressed air is essential for many production processes. Compressed air can be laden with moisture, particulate, and lubricant. Selecting the correct combination of filters, dryers and condensate separation ensures that your compressed air quality is consistent with the level of cleanliness you require to prevent contamination of your product or application. In addition, the ability to feed clean, dry compressed air to throughout your compressed air system reduces the need for the repair or maintenance of your devices. This leads to greater efficiency, throughput, and reduced maintenance costs for a variety throughout your facility.
Rely on quality Mattei air treatment products to help you optimize your air quality to benefit from greater productivity and less waste or rework.

Air treatment products:

  • filtration products: designed to capture and remove impurities in the compressed air stream
  • dryers: offering refrigerated and desiccant dryers designed to remove moisture from the compressed air down to -100˚F / -73˚C pressure dew point.
  • accessories: oil/water separators, condensate drains, air receiver tanks.

For the removal or particulates, liquid oil or water, lubricants in an aerosol or vapor state.


Refrigerated style (dew points to +37˚F / 3˚C) for the conversion of water vapor into a liquid.


Desiccant style (dew points to -100˚F / -73˚C) for the removal of water as a vapor.


Oil/Water separators for treating condensate, condensate drains for the removal of liquids, air receiver tanks for the efficient operation of your air system.


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Variable Speed Compressors

This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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Fixed Speed Compressors

Designed to cater for the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.

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Customized Solutions

Designed to meet specific requirements in the industry and service fields.

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Energy Recovery Solutions

They allow to recover up to 80% of the heat energy generated by the production of compressed air.

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