Refrigerated Air Dryers

Mattei refrigerated air dryers are designed to condense water vapor into a liquid that can be drained from the air system. 

Available in “cycling” or “non-cycling” construction, they dehydrate the air stream down to +37˚F / 3˚C. Cycling dryers are the most energy efficient and function much like your refrigerator at home in starting when the air is warm and stopping once the air has been cooled. Non-cycling dryers run continuously and recirculate the refrigerant to prevent freeze ups. Energy efficient construction minimizes pressure resistance and provide for long service life.

Ambient air contains moisture (relative humidity) that concentrates as air is compressed. Once compressed, the air is saturated at 100% relative humidity where you will find liquid water collecting in your air system. The refrigerated dryer chills the air converting the water vapor into a liquid state where it can be drained from the air system. Failure to remove condensable water from your air system may result in contamination of your end product and increased maintenance and unscheduled repairs of your air operated mechanical devices. Refrigerated air dryers remove unwanted moisture from your air system reducing the need for downstream equipment maintenance while improving productivity and minimizing downtime and repairs.

Mattei offers two Series of refrigerated air dryer products:

  • MDS Series: 20 to 2,000 acfm – Cycling air dryers
  • MNC Series: 15 to 550 acfm – Non-Cycling air dryers


MDS Series

Energy Saving Cycling operation for the removal of water as a liquid

MNC Series

Non-Cycling operation for the removal of water as a liquid


T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_Adsorption dryers-1

Adsorption Dryers

Desiccant style (dew points to -100˚F / -73˚C) for the removal of water as a vapor.

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_Inline filtration

Inline Filtration

Designed to capture and remove impurities in the compressed air stream

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_Accessories


Oil/Water separators for treating condensate, condensate drains for the removal of liquids, air receiver tanks for the efficient operation of your air system

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