Air compressors for other industries

The innovative construction of Vane Technology makes Mattei rotary vane compressors the best solution to the compressed air requirements of all production industries.

How to choose your compressor

Choosing an air compressor must hinge on the specific production and environmental characteristics of each industry.

Using compressed air

The applications for the usage of compressed air are truly endless: from mechanics to automation, from the food and beverage industry to printing and packaging. From automotive to transport, from agriculture to the textile industry, mining and quarrying, as well as painting plants, gas compression, landfills, hospitals and laboratories, car washes and snow cannons, laundries and, more generally, the operation of pneumatic tools such as drills, screwdrivers and more.

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Compressed air is widely used as an energy source because it offers considerable benefits:

  • easy use
  • safe use
  • it can be stored in receivers and transported
  • it is pure(which makes it particularly appreciated in specific industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare)

The reduction of operating costs

The continuous use of compressed air involves significant energy expenditure; its production, in fact, is responsible on average for 10% of electrical consumption in industries, with up to 20% peaks. State-of-the-art air compression technologies reduce energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions.


Moreover, the energy efficiency of the compressor is key to reducing its Life Cycle Cost: consider that electricity accounts for about 80% of the total cost of compressor life cycle.

It is precisely on efficiency, cost control and environmental protection that Mattei vane compressor technology makes the difference, offering machines that position themselves on the market with the lowest Life Cycle Cost.

The air end low rotation speed, the high volumetric efficiency and the use of oil-lubricated white metal bushings that do not wear over time, result in energy savings of over 15% compared to other rotary compressors.

Mattei compressors also feature extremely low maintenance requirements, which only involve changing the oil, oil filter and separator at scheduled intervals, cleaning or replacing the air filter and cleaning the radiator, ensuring operation for over 100,000 hours with no component replacement and no significant overhaul required.

How to choose the right compressor

The cost of compressed air depends on the efficiency of the compressors and their optimal configuration. Other key factors are the quality of the cooling system, the possibility of recovering heat and allocating it to industrial processes or domestic hot water heating, the reduction of air losses and the ease of maintenance, which must be fast and economical.

To maintain a compressed air system at peak efficiency, both with reference to the energy used and the performance of the air produced, it is essential to keep operating parameters such as air flow rate, pressure, and power consumption under control, as they are fundamental for the correct operation of the compressor system.


In configuring the system, it is advisable to install intelligent control and management devices capable of responding quickly to changes in air demand to avoid wasting electricity and optimizing the performance of the system.

Mattei consultancy service is available to help its customers in choosing the best compressor or combination of compressors to deliver optimal efficiency..

The benefits of Mattei compressors

Mattei wide range of compressors offers solutions that meet any production industry needs thanks to the following characteristics: 

  • greater energy efficiency thanks to the vane technology that allows energy savings up to 15% and higher environment standards compared to  other rotary compressors;
  • reduced maintenance costs thanks to the construction design that minimises the interventions for component replacement;
  • wide and versatile range that allows meeting the most diverse compressed air requests;
  • advanced supervision and control systems that guarantee the efficient and safe operation of the systems;
  • impurity-free compressed air thanks to the multi-stage filtration system that ensures quality compressed air for any application;
  • possibility to create  customised solutions, for specific applications and requirements.