Air compressors for the agricultural industry

Thanks to their compact size, low noise, reliability, and dependability in heavy duty work cycles, Mattei air compressors are the ideal solutions in all applications of the agricultural industry.

How to choose your compressor

Choosing an air compressor must hinge on the specific production and environmental characteristics of this industry.

Compressed air in the agricultural industry

In the agricultural industry, compressed air is used for many activities: in pruning and fruit harvesting operations (for example with pneumatic pickers driven by compressors that, thanks to extendible rods, shake the tree so that the ripe fruit fall on the harvesting nets), to fertilize, spray herbicides, to spread seeds, to transport the products to be stored, to operate hydraulic pumps, to move agricultural machinery and for general maintenance operations.

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A compressor must be able to deliver air constantly over long periods of time, in order to be able to meet the requirements especially during peak work cycles.

The tractor-mounted compressors are particularly useful, as they allow carrying out some activities keeping the engine off, by using the compressed air contained in the receiver. In this case the compressor, works as an energy storage system.

With the engine off, air storage on the tractor allows you to carry out prolonged operations on large areas of agricultural land, with lower air and noise pollution; moreover, it allows for considerable savings on fuel costs and reduces the wear and tear of the tractor.


The reduction of operating costs

The continuous use of compressed air involves a significant energy expenditure in addition to that for the necessary maintenance operations of the compressors. It is precisely on the subject of energy efficiency and cost control that Mattei vane compressor technology offers the best solution, standing out for the lowest Life Cycle Cost on the market.

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As a matter of fact, the low rotation speed of the air end and the high volumetric efficiency ensure energy savings of more than 15% compared to other rotary compressors.

Moreover, thanks to the use of white metal bushes lubricated with oil that do not wear over time, the maintenance operations only involve oil change and air filter cleaning or replacement and radiator cleaning, allowing the compressors to operate for over 100,000 hours, with no key component replacement and no significant overhaul required.

How to choose the right compressor

In a sector like the agricultural industry, it is absolutely fundamental to correctly size your system and choose the right compressor according to the application.



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To this end, it is necessary to precisely know the compressed air requirement, the profile of use establishes proper sizing to ensure a payback period that ensures the lowest energy consumption, the lease wear, and the lowest maintenance for machines operating in difficult environmental conditions.

Mattei consultancy service is available to help its customers in choosing the best compressor for the application.

The benefits of Mattei compressors for the agricultural industry

Mattei wide range of compressors offers solutions that meet any requirement in the agricultural industry thanks to the following characteristics:

  • greater energy efficiency thanks to Vane Technology, energy savings up to 15% and higher are possible compared to other types of rotary compressors
  • reduced maintenance costs thanks to the construction design that minimizes the need for key component replacement
  • wide and versatile range that meets the most diverse range of compressed air demands
  • compact and low noise emission ranges: the design offers particularly compact solutions ideal for installations in confined spaces. Vane technology ensures safe and silent operation even in the absence of a dedicated compressor enclosure
  • possibility to create customized solutions, for specific applications and requirements