Energy recovery

With the heat recovery system that can be installed on all air compressors, Mattei can recover up to 80% of the thermal energy generated during operation which can be reused for other processes.

Energy plays an important role in the modern world. Companies and consumers are committed to managing rising energy costs, emissions of greenhouse gases, and particulate that are harmful to human health. It is essential to use energy as efficiently as possible to mitigate these problems.

One of the mechanisms for increasing the efficiency of the compressed air system and consequently reduce consumption is to recover the heat produced by the compression of air. This is not only an economic issue but also an ecological necessity.

In addition to an efficient design, many of Mattei's air compressors are equipped with a heat recovery system that allows increasing the overall energy efficiency of company processes thanks to an important anti-waste action. It should not be forgotten that a large part of the electrical energy used by a compressor to compress the air is converted into heat and dispersed into the environment, especially during the cooling of the lubricating oil.


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The heat recovery system built into Mattei compressors allows recovery of up to 80% of the thermal energy dissipated, making it available through special circuits for the production of hot water for heating or other industrial uses that require the use of heat, including the production of electricity.

Even existing compressors without a built-in energy recovery system can add this functionality thanks to the Energy Recovery Box (ERB), specifically designed by Mattei and available in four models depending on the motor's electrical and thermal power. The Energy Recovery Box is a stand-alone system that can be easily installed on existing compressors of any brand in just a few minutes.

The energy advantages of Mattei compressors

Take a look at the other elements that allow rotary vane compressors to achieve high levels of energy efficiency: the advantages of vane technology and consumption analysis software.




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This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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Designed to cater to the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.


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