RVD series

RVD series rotary vane direct-drive air compressors are rugged and reliable products engineered with a focus on saving energy and protecting the environment. Designed to thrive in hostile conditions while delivering the longest lifecycles in the industry while delivering high-quality compressed air. 

Main technical features of the RVD series:

•    Low rotation speed: RVD Series feature a very low rotation speed that results in greater reliability, lower energy consumption and very silent operation. Users benefit from reduced maintenance due to the absence of maintenance intensive gears or V-belts.

•    Automatic flow rate control: in addition to the classic “FULL LOAD OPERATION / NO-LOAD OPERATION” modes, RVD Series is provided with a special modulating intake valve that allows a constant pressure air supply and the possibility of working even without an air receiver. 

•    Robust and noiseless: painted with epoxy powders, the compressors of the RVD series are resistant to corrosion and scratches and deliver quiet operation due to the low shaft speeds and sound-deadening insulation.

•    Simple and accessible maintenance: large, hinged doors and easily removable panels allow complete accessibility for all maintenance and service operations. The base is equipped with lift truck openings that permit easy lifting and handling.

•    Electronic control: size specific, the RVD series is provided with Maestro XB or Maestro XC controllers for management and control of system operations.

RVD 7-11

Compact and energy efficient. Perfect for any industrial application.Flow rate from 40.2 to 54.7 acfmPowers: 10 hp, 15 hp

RVD 30-37-45-55

Robust and energy efficient. Perfect for any industrial application. Flow rate from 202 to 310.5 acfmPowers: 40 hp, 50 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp


T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_RVD 7-11

RVD: 10-15 HP/7-11 kW

Heavy-duty, sophisticated designs for any industrial grade application with unrivalled energy efficiency levels

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_ERC SERIES

Classic ERC: 5-60 HP/4-45 kW

Traditional, rugged, compact, open-frame design ideal for confined areas

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_AC 30-45

AIR CENTRE: 30-60 HP/22-45 kW

Heavy-duty, sophisticated designs for any industrial grade application

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_MAXIMA 30-MAXIMA 110

MAXIMA: 40-200 HP/30-160 kW

Heavy-duty, premium designs for industrial grade applications

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