Maxima series

Mattei MAXIMA Series air compressors feature a quiet cabinet enclosure, base-mount construction and are perfect for any industrial application.

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Main technical features of the Maxima series:

  • extra slow rotation speed: electric motor, which turns at just 1,200 rpm (60 hz), is directly coupled to the compressor shaft through a flexible coupling. This provides great energy savings and less maintenance as there are no transmission losses due to the absence of gears or V-belts
  • automatic flow rate control: in addition to the classic “FULL LOAD/NO-LOAD OPERATION” modes, all models are provided with a special proportional modulating suction valve that allows constant pressure of the air supply and affords the possibility of operating even without an air receiver tank. With this MODULATION control setting, the air flow rate automatically maintains a tight pressure band as it adapts to the air demands of the network;
  • robust and noiseless: painted with epoxy powders, MAXIMA Series are rugged and reliable and offer silent operation thanks to their sound attenuating enclosure;
  • simple and accessible maintenance: large hinged doors and easily removable panels allow complete accessibility for all maintenance and service operations. The base is equipped with openings that permit easy lifting and handling;
  • electronic control: the MAXIMA Series is provided with the Maestro XS controller for management and control of system operation, essential to avoid waste and unnecessary consumption.

Quiet energy efficient cabinet style air compressors that are perfect for any industrial application Flow rate from 222 to 1,201 acfm Powers: 40 HP, 150 HP, 200 HP/30 kW, 110 kW, 160 kW


When a steady flow of compressed air supplied for a prolonged period of time is needed, Maxima 110 air compressors are the ideal solution to cut production costs and energy consumption. Power of 150 hp / 110 kW F.A.D. 847 acfm


When a steady flow of compressed air supplied for a prolonged period of time is needed, Maxima 160 air compressors ensure savings both in terms of energy and operating costs. Power of 200 hp / 160 kW F.A.D. 1,201 acfm


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