Energy recovery solutions

Mattei’s innovative energy recovery devices allow recovery of up to 80% of the thermal energy generated by compressed air production, which can be reused for water heating, sanitary purposes or for any industrial processes that require heat.

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In an air-cooled lubricated compressor, approximately 80% of absorbed power is dissipated in the form of heat during the oil cooling process. The heat absorbed by the oil during air compression is transferred to the air flow, which flows through the radiator and released into the atmosphere.

The mechanical energy used for compression is dissipated as follows:

 - approximately 80% in oil cooling;

- approximately 10-12% in compressed air cooling;

- approximately 2-3% in compressed air;

- the rest in the form of radiation.



The Energy Recovery Box is a stand-alone thermal energy recovery system that can be installed on existing compressors of any brand.


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Variable Speed Compressors

This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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Fixed Speed Compressors

Designed to cater for the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.

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Customized Solutions

Designed to meet specific requirements in the industry and service fields.

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Products for Air Treatment

They remove impurities, contamination and condensation to deliver the highest quality compressed air.

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