Mattei is the world leader in the design and manufacture of rotary vane technology for the compressed air market.  With more than 60 years’ experience in the production of vanes, Rail & Transportation division products benefit customers around the globe.

Mattei provides technically advanced Rotary Vane Compressor solutions for both onboard and infrastructure applications, precisely matching the needs of the client in the global rail & transportation marketplace.

By offering reliable, efficient, and durable products, Mattei is helping to shape the future success of the Rail & Transportation industries, together with making an important contribution in providing lower cost of ownership, utilizing our well proven and established technology.

The POWER of Mattei Rotary Vane Compressors, providing solutions to your problems….TODAY!


The benefits of Rail & Transportation applications:                                                                                                                

  • Mattei compressor designs focus on saving energy and the environment and come equipped with IE3 efficiency class motors.
    The low rotational speed of the air end and the 1:1 direct coupling between the electric motor and the compressor ensure energy savings of more than 15% compared to other types of rotary compressors.
  • Mattei compressors boast the lowest Life Cycle Cost of any air compressor on the market.
  • Mattei solutions can be integrated into vehicle systems, either as new installations or as refurbishment of existing systems.
  • Mattei’s proprietary rotary vane technology is renowned for low noise emissions and absence of vibrations thanks to the low rotation speed and the reduced number of moving components.
  • Mattei compressors smooth and silent operation provides essential benefits valued on hybrid and electric vehicles. The products are designed to work in the most arduous of conditions
  • Thanks to the flexible design the compressor can be coupled with a variety of different types of motors, meeting the demands and requirements of vehicular applications. Moreover, these compact and lightweight Mattei solutions can meet the most demanding space requirements.



For rail vehicle applications (passenger shuttles, undergrounds, trains, freight).


For road vehicle applications (buses, lorries).


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Variable Speed Compressors

This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_FIXED SPEED COMPRESSORS

Fixed Speed Compressors

Designed to cater for the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.

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Customized Solutions

Designed to meet specific requirements in the industry and service fields.

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Control Systems

They manage, control and act promptly during the operation of the compression system.

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