Energy analysis

The MIEM - Mattei Intelligent Energy Management software provides a detailed picture of the energy profile of the compressed air production system and provides instructions to keep it at maximum efficiency.

Mattei's commitment is not only manifested through innovative compressors, but also through an energy analysis service that Mattei defines with the customer, allowing them to verify their consumption. This translates into the best possible choice and the achievement of the lowest energy waste.

Taking advantage of the latest technology, Mattei developed the exclusive MIEM method for correct analysis of the energy consumption of compressed air production systems. The MIEM method uses tools and software developed exclusively for Mattei that are able to run computer simulations to find the best energy solution.

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The first, fundamental step in energy analysis is to study the system, taking into consideration all the variables that can affect air and energy consumption like pressure, flow rate, voltage, current, power and finally power factor. During data processing, a simulation is performed under the same operating conditions. Thanks to virtual replacement with or addition of new compressors selected from the Mattei range it is possible to provide a concrete overview of the potential financial and performance benefits.

By combining the consumption analysis carried out by MIEM with the Mattei Concerto control system – able to manage up to 16 compressors connected at the same time – it is possible to achieve additional benefits thanks to optimisation of machine operation based on air demand, reducing idle operation times and the continuous stopping and restarting of the compressor.
The use of these technologies makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

The energy advantages of Mattei compressors

Take a look at the other elements that allow rotary vane compressors to achieve high levels of energy efficiency: the advantages of vane technology and the energy recovery system.




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This model ensures energy savings up to 15% in comparison with other rotary compressors.

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Designed to cater to the most challenging needs of our customers while eliminating energy waste.


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