RVX series

RVX series rotary vane compressors are designed with particular focus on energy savings and environmental protection; they generate energy savings that are hard to beat. They are specifically designed for those who need constant, steady compressed air for prolonged periods of time and for applications requiring compressed air at full capacity.




Main technical features of the RVX series:

  • Benefit from patented Xtreme Injection technology that delivers thermal stability to the compressor via a lubricant rich spray;
  • Fixed speed compressors with extremely low rotational speed;
  • “Maestro XC” electronic controller with a 10” touch screen interface delivers real-time operational and historical data communications globally;
  • Equipped with a cooling system that maintains a constant oil temperature thanks to a variable speed fan and an electronic thermostatic valve.
RVX 55-75-90 Series

heavy-duty, sophisticated designs for any industrial grade application.
Power from 75 HP thru 125 HP
F.A.D. from 343.3 through 551.3 SCFM

RVX 45-55-75 Ultra Performance

Designed to provide large, steady compressed air volumes for prolonged periods of time saving energy and costs.
Power from 60 HP thru 100 HP
F.A.D. from 367.3 through 564.3 SCFM


T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_RVD 7-11-1

RVD: 10-15 HP/7-11 kW

Heavy-duty, sophisticated designs for any industrial grade application with unrivalled energy efficiency levels

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_ERC SERIES

Classic ERC: 5-60 HP/4-45 kW

Traditional, rugged, compact, open-frame design ideal for confined areas

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T3_Pagina serie_serie correlate_MAXIMA 160-MAXIMA 110

MAXIMA: 150-200 HP/110-160 kW

Heavy-duty, premium designs for industrial grade applications

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