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Mattei Group CEO Giulio Contaldi’s strategy is to invest in people and products in creating new sector-specific divisions to provide better focus and scale for targeting and attacking key markets: from Gas to Rail and from Industrial to After Sales.

Vimodrone, March 2021 - Increase the level of specialization of the entire company to penetrate the main reference markets, through investment, new personnel and a new company structure: that’s the ambitious plan of Giulio Contaldi, CEO of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA, for continued growth:

“Since our outset, we have always projected ourselves towards the industrial sector, explains Contaldi. “Our compressors represent a perfect partner in all applications within this sector, thanks to their energy efficiency, low maintenance and the breadth of our range. In recent years we have focused on developing our technology for applications in different highly specialised sectors, with extremely positive results. In February 2020, we obtained IRIS certification: an essential achievement in order to make a breakthrough to major brands within the Rail sector. This is just an example, hence the idea of establishing a management structure for each of the areas in which we believe our compressors will make a difference”.

Contaldi-GiulioA change of direction that has already shown positive results in these early stages: “Until a few years ago, we had a manager who coordinated all distributors and dealt with all our target markets from Industrial to Gas to Rail to OEMs. Over the course of the last 18 months, we have added new management with focused sector know-how and expertise. The result has been a noticeable global growth in sector-specific order intake, achieving a doubling of orders in certain sectors as early as the beginning of 2020”, continues the Mattei CEO. “It was an important result, that has led us to take a similar approach with the rest of our Divisions”.

The strategy was conceived before the Coronavirus outbreak, but has not been hampered by the pandemic. On the contrary: “Our willingness to work by divisions predates the spread of Covid-19”, confirms Giulio Contaldi, “and the crisis we are experiencing today gives us further urgency to proceed along this path, because it is only by investing in our products and in our people that we can come out in front of these challenging circumstances. All together, with our heads held high”.

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