• Features
    Model Max. Operating Pressure Max. F.A.D. Sound Pressure Level Power Voltage Frequency Phases
      bar psig m3/min cfm db(A) kW hp V Hz  
    BLADE E 8 L 8  115 1.21 43 65 7.5 10 400 50 3
    BLADE E 8 H 10  150 0.995 35 65 7.5 10 400 50 3
    BLADE E 12 L 8  115 1.70 60 65 11 15 400 50 3
    BLADE E 12 H 10  150 1.37 49 65 11 15 400 50 3
  • Dimensions
    Model Length Width Height Weight
      mm inch mm inch mm inch kg Ibs
    BLADE E 8 1410 55.5 790 31.1 990 39 303 668
    BLADE E 12 1410 55.5 810 31.9 990 39 346 763
  • Advantages
    • Direct Coupling: The electric motor is directly coupled to the compression unit by means of a flexible joint. This provides advantages in overall efficiency of the compressed air unit meaning less kW per m3/min and easier maintenance.
    • Low Rotational Speed: The pumping unit, thanks to the vane technology, rotates at a speed well below the speed of the competitors.
    • Compactness: The limited dimensions of the pumping unit have allowed making an extremely compact machine, easy to position even in small areas.
    • Easy Maintenance and Long Life: The characteristic design makes preventive maintenance operations simple and fast. The cast iron vanes and the bearings have a practically unlimited life, whilst the special vane rotating technology, without axial thrust, means cutlass bearings are unnecessary. In addition, Blade E 8÷12 has been designed in a way that makes it possible to replace the elastic element without having to dismantle the rotor-stator unit. It is eligible for the new MyCare 6 extended warranty plan, a programme which extends the compressor maintenance coverage, ensuring a long lasting functioning and a Mattei certified maintenance service plan.
    • A User-friendly Controller: MaestroXB is a programmable controller which regulates the operation of the compressor to suit the specific requirements of the air distribution system. It has diff erent programming levels and special options for controlling and analysing the operation and faults.
    • Air Quality: The integrated system of separating the oil in several stages, as well as allowing an exceptionally low consumption of lubricant, ensures a limited oil carryover of below 3 mg/m3.
    • Reliability and Efficiency: Suitable for operating even in the most challenging applicative circumstances, the BLADE compressors stand out for their reliability. The operating efficiency is further increased by the oil and compressed air cooling system, thanks to a wholly aluminium combi-cooler.
    • Low Noise: Mattei's vane technology ensures silent operating, which makes BLADE compressors suitable for operating in all workplaces.

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