The electric vehicle compressors are robust, resistant to corrosion and are particulary compact and ideal for installation in small spaces.

The vane technology ensures safe and quiet operation even without a noise reducing outer canopy.

As the Mattei vane compressor is a self-adjusting, self balancing machine floating on two bush bearings and driven by a flexible coupling, it is not affected by external vibration, temperature and environmental conditions.

In electric vehicle applications there are currently Mattei compressors with over 35.000 hours of operation with the original factory fitted vanes and bushings.

This makes the compressor ideal for any onboard application. Also, there is no degradation of performance over the working life of the compressor.

    Rated power 1,1 to 11 kW
    F.A.D. 60 to 1970 l/min
    Working pressures from 6 to 13 bar
    Voltage 120V - 3000V
    Frequency 33 - 100Hz
    Extra Custom Inverters
    Compression technology  Rotary Vane
    Output 0% to 100%
    Flow 60 - 320 l/min
    Pressure from 6 to 13 bar
    Ambient Temp - 35°C + 80°C
    Sound pressure level 54 - 64 dBA
    Coupling Direct
    Drive Hydraulic drive
    DC Motor
    Asynchronous motors
    Permanent magnet motors
    Voltage  120V - 3000V
    Frequency 33 - 100 Hz
    Relative humidity Up to 98%
    Extra  High efficiency intake filters
    Anti vibration dampers
    Custom inverters
    Anticondensation valve
    • No condensation
    • Bespoke designs to suit application
    • Fully integrated air ends, extremely light
    • Whisper quiet operation, without vibrations 100% duty 24/7
    • No fall off in air quality
    • Direct drive
    • External pressure adjustment
    • Turn-key design, manufacture and project management
    • Stop / Start or continuous operation
    • Available with variable speed drive
    • 50 years of experience in transport applications
    • Compact and light weight package
    • Cooler options – integrated radiator, remoted Remote air filtering option
    • Choice of speeds
    • Full package capability to vehicle standards including electric motor, filters, air dryer, mounting frame and air storage
    • Extended Warranty Mattei MyCare Plan

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