Air contains water in the form of vapor, which varies depending on the climate or season. In the summer, water vapor levels are much higher and in the winter, levels are lower. The condensate due to the compressed air cooling compromises its quality. Indeed, as well as being a potential aggressive agent, because of its PH value, the condensate contains elements, such as compressor residual oils, dirt and other air pollutants. Therefore, it is necessary to use cyclone separators, into which water drops are swept away as a result of the turbulence and discharged through special drainers.

Mattei’s electronic condensate drainers have a timer control, and are also adjustable and equipped with a tap. Because of their compact size, they can be installed in whatever position is best suited for the customer’s system. They are also incredibly low maintenance.

The 200 model also enables level control, avoids air leaks when the compressor is working and includes a malfunction indicator.

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