Adsorption is a process whereby specific molecules (the adsorbate) adhere to the surface of a highly porous solid (the adsorbent) by electrostatic and molecular forces. The adsorbent has a specific pore structure which will be a combination of larger or macro pores, slightly smaller or mesopores, or very small pores known as micro pores.


The use of Mattei’s dryers removes the condensate from the air, preventing any damage to the compressed air distribution system. Mattei DD dryers reliably give you:

  • more for your money - everything needed for installation is in the box
  • moisture and particulate protection of your production process
  • lower life cycle costs - low energy costs and simplified maintenance
  • built in dew point monitoring (optional)
  • space saving - models up to DD 130 can be easily wall mounted
  • safe and quiet operation
  • flows from 5 to 1900 Nm3/h ( 3 to 1110 scfm) at 7 barg operating pressure
  • peace of mind - the most reliable product of its kind

Designed for use in the compressor room, at the point of application or integrated into your original equipment, DD dryers are an effective solution to the problems caused by contaminated compressed air.


DD 10 - DD 6130

  • patented combined filter & desiccant cartridges (only DD 10 - 130)
  • combined desiccant & after filter column (only DD 2110 - 6130)
  • PLC controlled operation
  • energy saving dew point control option
  • floor or wall installation (only DD 10 - 130)
  • constant dew point
  • constant flow and pressure
  • reliable high performance valves (only DD 10 - 130)
  • maximum corrosion protection


Contact us today to learn more about our complete line of DD dryers and discuss the best option for your application.