The condensate produced by any kind of lubricated compressor contains an amount of oil residue and, if dispersed, these may pollute the environment.

Mattei's Oil-Water Separation (MOS) system provides for condensate treatment directly where it rises, conforming to technical and legal requirements, with remarkable savings due to reduction of the disposal costs. The condensed water inside the compression chamber will certainly contain particles of the oil used as compressor lubricant/refrigerant.

To discharge the water into the drainage, in accordance with the environmental regulations required in the country of installation, the water must have been purified previously. Additionally, the condensate collection and disposal usually has a high cost and is difficult to manage. They normally require on-site stockpile and transportation to special waste treatment centers, along with relevant registration documents, if necessary.

Mattei’s MOS Series separators are used to this end, because they are easy to install and manufactured with recyclable materials. These accessories guarantee excellent performance and maximum reliability, thanks to the high-quality and long lifespan of the new cartridge filters.  

Separators are available with or without pre-separator.


  • Filtering System: Both the pre-filter and the main filter are composed of high-quality, efficient filtering material.
  • Environment Protection: Manufactured with recyclable materials in order to comply with all regulations for waste disposal.
  • Heater with Thermostat: If the unit will be installed in a cold environment, the MOS separator can be equipped with an optional heating system to avoid the condensate freezing.
  • Simple Installation: Connection can be made in three different directions with a quick and simple installation.
  • Filter Element System: The main element is simple to remove due to a useful handle, so filter replacement is an easy task.

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