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Longevity, efficiency and silent operation—with superior performance.

In the scope of production diversification for energy saving purposes, MAXIMA represents an integration of the Optima range. Whilst the latter offers the best functioning performances for partial load installations, MAXIMA achieves maximum efficiency with full load operation.

There are many distinguishing characteristics of this energy-saving compressor: First, the rotational speed of the pumping unit is only 1,000 rpm at 50 Hz. This translates into a smooth operational ability and low noise level.

T3_Pagina serie_Maxima 110Another important feature is the cooling system. The MAXIMA’s electric fan is regulated according to the load and environmental conditions. At normal temperatures, MAXIMA is able to cool the oil and all other elements at the electric fan’s lower speed, thus allowing considerable energy savings. Should there be higher temperatures or a very high load, the compressor increases the cooling flow in order to maintain effective system cooling. But, most importantly, MAXIMA is the first single-stage compressor that can equal the energy efficiency of other two-stage compressors on the market. Endless technological research is the foundation of this excellent efficiency and results in only 5.4 kW for each cubic metre per minute of compressed air.



The MAXIMA’s high-quality production has helped power companies that demand the best. Listed below are a case studies featuring companies who obtained success with Mattei's MAXIMA Series.



In Nottingham, England’s Autofil, MAXIMA 75 provides a similar amount of air as the 90 kW models of other compressors. The yarn manufacturer’s dye house, running 24 hours a day and seven days a week, has minimized power consumption and reduced overhead costs. Lubricant savings alone from the MAXIMA’s minimalist design helps companies saving a small fortune in maintenance—all before considering its substantial energy savings. Click here to read the full case study.



Curtiriso has been using Mattei compressors since the 80’s, in particular the high energy efficient compressors, like the MAXIMA 55. In particular, Curtiriso appreciated the longevity, reliability and efficiency of Mattei's MAXIMA compressor. It's not uncommon for a Mattei air end to deliver over 100,000 hours of service without a rebuild. Curtiriso employs the MAXIMA, in addition to a number of other Mattei compressors, in all of its production sectors from the rice mill to the packaging department. Click here to read the full case study.



Grissin Bon, renowned family enterprise, has been manufacturing and marketing bread substitute for 50 years with non-stop production cycles 24 hours a day, up to 7 days a week. It is for this reason that it was necessary to have efficient machinery that also offered long-term reliability. Today, Grissin Bon uses four MAXIMA Series machines to obtain consistent compressed air delivery. Click here to read the full case study.

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