Numerous compressor stops and starts, energy wastage and wide variations in operation represent common problems in many compressed air systems.

Concerto, Mattei’s state-of-the-art compressed air management system, is designed to satisfy any requirement of a compressed air user, regardless of the type of compressor installed.

Concerto can simultaneously command and control up to 10 air compressors in order to limit idle running times, minimize the number of compressor start ups and optimize overall performance. This not only leads to dramatic improvements in performance, it also translates into significant improvements in efficiency.

Improved Energy Efficiency

By minimizing compressor start ups and limiting idle runtimes, Concerto compressed air management systems can actually facilitate energy savings of up to an impressive 35% overall, and reduce energy used in association with idle operation by 99%.

Immediate Savings

Did you know that the energy costs associated with air compressor operation actually exceed those involved in the purchase and maintenance of the compressor? Improved energy efficiency translates into immediate energy savings. Concerto compressed air management systems always ensure the most economical configuration, dramatically cutting your energy costs. Furthermore, by minimizing the number of compressor start ups and eliminating idle run times, an air controller can significantly improve the performance of your air compressor and also prolong its lifespan by an average of 50%. That means less in repair costs and less in replacement costs, improving your organization’s bottom line.

Extended Operating Life

Because Concerto guarantees the smallest number of motor starts up, and eliminates idle running times almost completely, the system helps to extend the life of compressors.

Easy Programming

The Concerto compressed air management system boasts a large display, which makes programming and control simple, easy, and intuitive. In addition, dryers, filters, and condensate treatment accessories can be directly linked to the system via digital inputs, allowing you to monitor the entire compressed air system. These metrics can be easily displayed on a PC using a normal web server.

Improved Data Collection

Concerto compressed air management systems facilitate improved data collection, collecting key metrics pertaining to failure signals, maintenance intervals, and energy consumption.

Concerto is an intelligent system, meaning that it requires very few programming parameters. As a result, Concerto compressed air management systems are compatible with a range of compressor types and models. Engineered with quality and ease of use in mind, a Concerto compressed air management system is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your air compressor.

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