Astaxanthin is the strongest known antioxidant among carotenoids. The process for its extraction from the alga Haematococcus pluvialis is very delicate and highly technical. In order to maintain high quality production standards, the biotech company Algamo chose to use customised Mattei compressors, born out of a collaboration with local partner, Mondo

Algamo, Mattei & Mondo: Fresh air for the cultivation of algae

In the village of Mostek, set in the foothills of the Giant Mountains in the north-east of the Czech Republic is the production plant of Algamo, a young industrial company established in 2011, specialising in the extraction of Astaxanthin from algae cultivated on-site, under the brand name Algastin, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in cosmetics and in dietary supplements. “Algamo is the only producer of natural astaxanthin in Central Europe” confirms Otto Dobřichovský, Managing Director of Algamo Ltd. “High standards of quality control, ensured through the use of advanced technologies and analysis methods, as well as a strong environmental focus are the key values driving our production. Unlike our competitors, the entire industrial cultivation process takes place in a laboratory-controlled environment kept constant through the use of photo-bioreactors”.

During the first phase of alga cultivation, compressed air is combined with carbon dioxide and fed into the photo-bioreactors, where it acts as a nutrient for alga growth until the alga is ready for harvesting. “The Mattei compressors are critical for the Algamo production process as they drive the functioning of the photo-bioreactors” continues Otto Dobřichovský. “It’s fundamental that the compressed air is pure and free from microorganisms that could compromise the quality of the final product. To find a supplier of compressed air that could meet our demands, we trusted in the experience of the company, Mondo”.

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“We supported Algamo from the start of their activity with the installation of a bespoke solution, developed together with Mattei” explains Miloslav Dočkal, Founder of the company Mondo s.r.o.; a technical partner of Mattei. “With Mattei we developed a specific solution for Algamo, whereby the air undergoes enhanced treatment to remove oil residues thanks to the use of cascading filters. We also prepared a specific system to transform the residues of oil into carbon dioxide and
water vapour, by means of catalytic oxidation; as well as a monitor through which we can constantly
check the level of oil and thereby the purity of the compressed air”. 

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 The Algamo compressor room houses a Maxima 75 and an Optima 75, for the supply of compressed air during the technical process, as well as an AC 37 Plus, for powering industrial equipment. “The Mattei compressors guarantee low energy consumption, reduced oil concentration levels and great reliability in a non-stop working cycle (24 hours a day, seven days a week)” explains Otto Dobřichovský. “The low environmental impact was a very important factor for Algamo, especially because our plant is situated close to a national park”.

“We are also very satisfied with the relationship with Mondo, with whom we have a contracted maintenance programme, which ensures smooth and timely servicing, also helped by the linear geometry of the Mattei compressor”, states Otto Dobřichovský.

Mondo s.r.o. has worked with Mattei since 1996; initially as a distributor for the Czech Republic and then as a technical partner. From this partnership, many innovative solutions based on Mattei rotary vane technology were developed, especially in the transport sector, and in particular, rail and electric public transport. “The compressed air market in the Czech Republic is very competitive: there are many long standing local producers, in addition to European producers who are very active in the region with representative offices and service centres. In such conditions, the key to success is to stand out with innovative projects, of which Mondo and Mattei know how to do best!” remarks Miloslav Dočkal.

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