For RSP GmbH, a German company in the field of vacuum technology, the pursuit of excellent quality and satisfying customer needs are fundamental values. The result of this approach is a tailored product, that is innovative and with a long lifespan, made possible in part thanks to collaborations with partners who share the same philosophy. Mattei has been one of these partners since 2000 meeting all the company needs for compressed air.

Excellence first and foremost

RSP GmbH, headquartered in Saalfeld in the heart of Germany, has been manufacturing equipment for suction excavators with, 2,3 or 4 axle frames for 25 years. “Since 1993 we have developed a deep know-how in the technical field of suction technology fans, so much so that our system is patented internationally. What characterises us is our high level of personalisation in our solutions, with an ability to adapt to any type of truck”, says Lisa Schall, Head of Marketing at RSP GmbH. “In addition to our standard range we have models dedicated to both specialised and also highly customised applications. Technological innovation and processes, high quality products and attention to customer needs are the values that have always inspired our production and made us renowned around the world, in various industrial sectors, from civil construction to urban building sites and from the extraction industry to steel mills”.

ENG-RSP-01-01-01At the foundations of their success are different factors, among which the choice to use highly-qualified suppliers: “Our international partners support us in creating the most complex systematic solutions, always guaranteeing high standards of quality, performance and safety. For almost 20 years, a very important aspect for us is the production of compressed air where our supplier is Mattei with their rotary vane compressors”.

Compressed air is crucial in this type of application. A suction excavator uses air to move materials and is the preferred method in all areas where the need for minimal environmental impact would prohibit the use of hydraulic excavation technologies. The amount of air required is considerable, in relation to the enormous difference between the weight of the air and the material to be sucked out. The Mattei compressors are used for the cleaning of the enormous dust filters, as well as to feed the pneumatic controls and the functioning of other tools. One is the air lance, which, thanks to its compressed air precision nozzle, perforates the ground, leaving the debris to then be sucked up by means of a trunk-like tube and fan: “To increase the performance of our vehicles it is essential that the cleaning of the filters fine mesh is continuous and effective. This is made possible thanks to the work of the compressors that guarantee a continuous and impeccable aspiration. In addition, Mattei compressors increase the overall efficiency of our systems, as they allow more material to be vacuumed in a set time”.

We purchased our first Mattei compressors, the M86 and M111 models with hydraulic drive, in 2000 and from then we never looked away from rotary vane technology which had us convinced of its great reliability. Other advantages are the compactness and the self-regulating capabilities of the compressor that do not require the presence of further cumbersome tanks. Owing to this, the installation and subsequent maintenance operations of the machines, in the small spaces of the suction excavators, are easier and faster. Finally, the low rotation speeds and the reduced number of moving parts guarantee the vehicles quiet operation and reduces noise pollution, which is especially appreciated when working in urban areas”.

Over the years RSP has grown steadily and today, in addition to its headquarters in Thuringia, it now has two branches in France and the UK and a total of 250 employees. “Thanks to a network of distributors all over the world we have a turnover of around 40 million Euros with 80% coming from exports. The excellence of the results achieved is to be shared with innovative partners such as Mattei and their compressors, whose reliability and efficiency have been tested and well appreciated over time”, concludes Lisa Shall.

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