Mattei’s state-of-the-art air control system, Quartetto, allows for the simultaneous management and optimization of up to four connected air compressors. The Quartetto makes high-tech compressed air management easy, while also keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

This control system can meet the line air demand and the working load for each compressor in the most efficient way, while reducing the energy absorption. This is obtained by centralizing the line pressure control and by driving the operating cycle for the single compressors, independently of each other, based on a programmable sequence.

The Quartetto is also equipped with a time-keeper function, allowing users to set 4 bands of operation and program each band according to two different working pressure sets.

three innovative operating modes

  • Balance Hours: For installations containing compressors of the same power, this operating mode automatically alternates between each machine to obtain even wear.
  • Priority: The installer or end user decides the priority of the compressors (or a sequence of action) by assigning the systems a number.
  • Smart: This operating mode allows for the best performance by optimizing the power consumption and is always reactive to any changes in the pressure. 

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