Mattei for building sites: Re-innovation operations completed

At Geofluid Piacenza 2018, Mattei will put the spotlight on a range dedicated to construction sites and the recovery of gas and biogas, recently renewed in both performance and design

Vimodrone, September 2018 – The versatility of Mattei compressors, from industrial through to OEM applications is further underlined at highly specialised industry exhibitions such as Geofluid, dedicated to the world of drilling and the underground transportation of fluids, now in its 22nd edition this year from 3rd-6th October, in Piacenza.

M-MC-EN-01The M & MC series of compressors are the centrepiece; compact and easy to install thanks to the integration within one single body of the compression unit, the oil tank, the oil separator, the valves and the oil filter. Unlike the MC models, in the M series, the oil cooling unit is not integrated into the compressor, allowing the positioning of the radiator in the most suitable place for the needs of the constructor for whom it is to be installed. The MC models have a range of flow rates from a minimum of 120 litres/min up to 4,500 litres/minute, with a maximum pressure of 10 or 13 bar. Whilst the M models have flow rates from 400 to 10,000 litres per minute, all with a maximum pressure of 13 bar.

The M and MC compressors can be equipped with a high efficiency intake filter, which is very useful in environments where the air can contain micro-particles which, if drawn in, could compromise the operation of the machine.

Geofluid EN_GAS Range-01Also present at the show is the new Gas range, which renews the previous lines designed for the compression of all different types of gas (sweet, sour and biogas).

The entire range goes from 4kW up to 200kW and is available as a stand-alone version for local installation, but also in the form of complete gas compression systems, made-to-order, and therefore fully customisable on the basis of every customers specific needs. All versions of the Mattei gas compressors come complete with a fully customisable automatic flow control for constant delivery pressure, an integrated or stand-alone cooler and a threaded or flanged gas intake facility.

The main application areas are microgeneration and combined production of energy and heat, thanks to the compression of methane gas that drives micro-turbines and the propulsion of gas to obtain biogas from sewage and organic waste.

Mattei rotary vane compressors are distinguished by their efficiency and reliability, in terms of both high-quality air, and a constant performance over time, as well as the associated energy savings. The profile is rounded out with an integrated and compact design, ease of installation, and a remarkably quiet operation, ensured by the low rotation speed.

Appointments to discover all the latest from Mattei are available at Geofluid at Hall 1, Aisle B, Stand 112.

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