Mattei Looks To The Future, Beyond The Centenary

For Giulio & Silvia Contaldi the centenary of Mattei offers a special occasion to underline the powerful superiority of rotary vane technology. The expertise in the design and production of high-efficiency compressors, even in “green” applications, today makes Mattei compressors the best on the market in terms of flexibility and eco-sustainability, with significant returns on investment.

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Giulio Contaldi, the man who believed in a dream

From the heartfelt story of Carla Luisa Lucca Contaldi, a picture emerges of her husband, Giulio Contaldi, who in the 1960s took over the lead of the company created by Ing. Enea Mattei. As tribute to the man who firmly believed in this industrial company, he recognised the potential of rotary vane technology and started the international expansion, which leaves his children, Giulio and Silvia, with a leading global group in the compressed air market.

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In 1919, after the Great War, when faced with the choice of accepting a job as a Civil Engineer in Sondrio, or embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure, the young engineer Enea Mattei had no doubts about choosing the second path. And from there began the centennial story of Mattei, the company that has made history in the compressed air industry with its exclusive rotary vane technology.

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