A vast country, where there are still many growth possibilities for Mattei. Currently the distributors are in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States to the west. Yet there remains a great potential to be explored for rotary vane technology.

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Efficient and cutting edge, like Switzerland

Switzerland is exemplary in many ways. Especially when it comes to the environment it is renowned for its forward-thinking and pro-activity, as shown by the incentives available for industry whom are committed to consuming less energy, reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and therefore, pollution. Mattei compressors also make a significant contribution to this cause.

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Compressor Showcase: MAXIMA Series

Longevity, efficiency and silent operation—with superior performance.

In the scope of production diversification for energy saving purposes, MAXIMA represents an integration of the Optima range. Whilst the latter offers the best functioning performances for partial load installations, MAXIMA achieves maximum efficiency with full load operation.

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